Czernowitz Birth Record for Bernhard MITTMANN (1901 – 1979)

I recently came across a wonderful resource for Czernowitz Birth, Marriage and Death records, the Czernowitz Birth Marriage Death Index, and was able to locate the birth records for Sidonie (Sylvia) MITTMANN, Bernhard MITTMANN, and  David MITTMANN, my paternal great-grandfather’s three youngest children.

Here is the Czernowitz Birth Record for Bernhard MITTMANN (1901 – 1979):

1901-05-23 Czernowitz Birth Record for Bernhard MITTMANN (1901 – 1979)
Czernowitz Birth Record for Bernhard MITTMANN (1901 – 1979)

The translated text describes the conditions of Bernhard’s birth:

Births and Marriages

  1. Fortlaufende Zahl — 273
    Serial Number — 273
  2. Der Geburt: Tag / Monat / Jahr / Ort / Haus Nr. — Sechzehnter / Mai / 1901 / Czernowitz / Bindergasse 10
    Birth: Day / Month / Year / Location / House Number — 16 / May / 1901 / Czernowitz / Bindergasse 10
  3. Der Beschneidung oder Namensbeilegung: Tag / Monat / Jahr / Ort / Haus Nr. — 23 / Mai / 1901 / Czernowitz / Binderhasse 10
    Circumcision or Naming: Day / Month / Year / Location / House Number — 23 / May / 1901 / Czernowitz / Bindergasse 10
  4. Des Kindes: Name / Geschlecht, männlich, weiblich — Bernhard / männlich
    The Child: Name / Gender, male, female — Bernhard / male
  5. ehelich, angeblich eheliche, ober eneheliche Geburt — ehelich
    Legitimate, supposedly legitimate, or Illegitimate birth — legitimate
  6. Vor- und Zuname des Vaters, sowie Stand, Beschäftigung und Wohnort — Leibisch Mittmann, Tischlergehilfe alhier
    Given and Family name of the Father, his Status, Occupation, and Residence — Leibisch Mittmann, Carpenter’s assistant from here
  7. Vor- und Zuname der Mutter, ihr Stand und Wohnort, dann Vor- und Zuname, Beschäftigung und Wohnort ihrer Eltern — Malke Bruche geb. (geborene) Schilder Tochter des verst. (verstorben) Chatkel Boruch Schilder und der Ziwje
    Given and family name of the mother, her status and place of residence, then given and family name, occupation and residence of her parents — Malke Bruche born Schilder, daughter of the late Chatkel Boruch Schilder and the Ziwje (Zivia)
  8. Eigenhändige Unterschrift mit Aufgabe der Beschäftigung und des Wohnortes: der Pathen oder Zeugen, des Sandek oder Schemes — Ruchel Alpern, Ch. (Chaim) Meir Etikowicz
    Signature, Occupation, and Place of residence of the godfather or witness, the Sandek or Shemes — Ruchel Alpern, Ch. (Chaim) Meir Etikowicz
  9. des oder der Beschneider — Israel Meilech
    of the person performing the circumcision — Israel Meilech
  10. der Hebamme oder des Geburtshelfers — Ruchel Alpern
    of the midwife or obstetrician — Ruchel Alpern
  11. Todtgeborene Kinder —
    Stillbirths —
  12. Anmerkung — Ehelich laut vorgezeichneten Trauungsbescheid von der Isr. Matrikenführer in Sadagora der 11 Jänner 1891
    Annotation — Legitimate according to the wedding document of the Israelite Registrar in Sadagora of 11 January 1891.

Geburtsmatrik für Israeliten
Births and Marriages for Israelites


One of my research lines is the PLEETH family, as represented by my great grandmother, Selina PAVLOVE (nee PLEETH) (1888 – TBD) and Evelyn SHACK (nee PLEETH) (1908 – 2006). According to posts on the PLACHTA surname message board, originally the family name was PLACHTA. When the family moved from Lodz, Poland, they took the anglicized names of PLEETH or PLICHT. When the PLICHT branch realized that PLICHT was a really lousy attempt to anglicize the name, they changed it to PLIGHT.

Blogging about Genealogy

I’ve recently begun spending time on my Genealogy hobby, and have made some really interesting discoveries about my family history. In order to better share my findings with friends and family, I’ve decided to set up my own website at It’s somewhat surprising that after so many years in the technology business, I’m only just now setting up my own internet domain, but there you have it.

I’ve begun experimenting with publishing my research to the web. You can find my first experiment David Saul MITTMAN. I’ll update the experiment as I learn more about the software I’m using.