One of my research lines is the PLEETH family, as represented by my great grandmother, Selina PAVLOVE (nee PLEETH) (1888 – TBD) and Evelyn SHACK (nee PLEETH) (1908 – 2006). According to posts on the PLACHTA surname message board, originally the family name was PLACHTA. When the family moved from Lodz, Poland, they took the anglicized names of PLEETH or PLICHT. When the PLICHT branch realized that PLICHT was a really lousy attempt to anglicize the name, they changed it to PLIGHT.

One thought on “The PLACHTA / PLEETH / PLICHT / PLIGHT Family”

  1. Hello cousin,
    The Pleeths belief in education and skills pays off. They as a family have been awarded a number of awards from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
    My Fathers First Older Cousin Joan Burstein, née Jotner Pleeth was the daughter of Mary Pleeth, the eldest Pleeth oldest cousin to my Father Dr John Ley and oldest sister to Evelyn Shack, née Pleeth a C.B.E for awards in the British Fashion industry espicially finding new designers and supporting their growth.William Pleech my fathers second cousin who was world famous for his skills in playing and teaching the violin was awarded an O.B.E for his services to the Music Industry and finally my Great Uncle Harry was awarded an MBE for skills in Electronics and Scouting . There are others to be recognised soon in the Pleeth Family

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